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Global Experts in Behavior Based Safety

Recognized as global experts in behavioral safety, B-Safe clients realize world-class safety performance by achieving the lowest injury rates in their industry. We have assisted companies in more than 30 countries in all six habitable continents.

Outperforming Competitors
Looking at industry and B-Safe client data, our solutions outperform the average BBS safety program by 10% or more every year during an initial 7-year, post-implementation period. Depending on your company’s size and number of employees, the difference in safety-related incidents can translate to millions of dollars added to the bottom line.

Client Partnerships
Our clients consistently realize 40-75% injury reductions within the first 12 months of operation. Subsequently, many have achieved and continue to maintain a zero incident rate. A big reason for this is our partnership philosophy, which dictates that every solution we offer to clients is:

scientifically proven to reduce injuries.

customized to meet a clients needs

actionable, measurable & self-sustaining

Expertise & Experience
Our highly qualified personnel have several years of experience creating successful safety programs for a variety of industries, including:

                 Agriculture                  Agrichemicals                  Aviation
                       Chemicals                   Civil Engineering             Construction
                            Finance                       Food & Drink                   Health Services
              Logistics                      Manufacturing                 Mining
                              Oil & Gas                    Petrochemicals                Pharmaceuticals
                 Paints                          Paper & Pulp                    Refining
                Transportation             Steel                                  Utilities